BeeCause: Our Cause

We are a company that beelieves in; you, our planet, and the possibilities we can create when we create a strong community.

We beelieve in you. We believe that you are an extraordinary person in this world and we want to let you know we are confident in your abilities. 

We beelieve in our planet. We believe that our community can influence a positive change. By supporting the use of eco-friendly material you are saying you care about sustainable resources and cruelty-free fashion. By supporting ethical production you are saying that it is important to you that your products are giving fair wages, clean working environments, and overall healthy lifestyles to our team at BeeLieve L&A. By supporting our products you are saying you are aware that we need to help the decline of the bee population in order to have a fruitful future. You are aware that you can help become a movement in change with planting the seed paper that comes along with each product or simply taking a stance to plant other flowers and gardens.

We beelieve in the possibilities: We believe that the human race is full of possibilities. We encourage travel, the unknown, the risk, all to uncover the possibilities of yourself, our planet, and the change we can bring.