Headband - Twist Tie - (bamboo)
Headband - Twist Tie - (bamboo)
Headband - Twist Tie - (bamboo)
Headband - Twist Tie - (bamboo)
Headband - Twist Tie - (bamboo)
Headband - Twist Tie - (bamboo)
Headband - Twist Tie - (bamboo)
Headband - Twist Tie - (bamboo)
Headband - Twist Tie - (bamboo)
Headband - Twist Tie - (bamboo)

Headband - Twist Tie - (bamboo)

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Not only a cute addition to any outfit but cute with a purpose! Store your cards, cash, and keys in the pocket located at the base of the headband and then nicely twist and tie the two ends together.

Twist Tie dimensions:

35" L x 2.5" W

Pocket: 4"L x 2.5"W with a 1" fold to hold your valuables in.

Headband Highlights:

Our Fabric:

We source our fabric from Kinderel based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. For more information visit their website at www.kinderel.com.

Fabric Content:

70% Bamboo Rayon, 25% Organic Cotton, 5% Spandex

The rayon made from certified organic oeko-tek bamboo and is gently blended with organic cotton without the use of environmental harmful pesticides and herbicide.

High quality material:

-manufactured with no harmful chemicals or finishes

-eco-friendly dye

-CPSIA and environment compliant meeting stringent standards by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission on lead and phthalates and flammability.

-moisture wicking: cool during summer and warm during winter

-protection from odor, UV, microbes and bacteria


-4-way stretch


-Bamboo is very durable and will keep shape over time

-Washes and irons incredibly well

-wash on cold-warm cycle

-hang dry or tumble dry on low

-separate dark and light colors

-do not bleach, do not use fabric softener

Our design:

Every product that is in our line has been designed with you in mind. We know that everyone has a different shaped head, different style of hair, and ultimately different taste in fashion. We have a very unique line that can be taken into the hands of anyone and made totally personal. Our tutorials are just to get you started, the rest is up to you.

Our production:


We make every single item in Canada, hand sewn and with love. Our sewers love creating your products. Each sewer brings their personal flare to the Beelieve team and our unique line shows it. The high-quality and attention to detail sets us apart and makes our product a feel of luxury, both on your body and in your heart. 

Beelieve is always looking for team members..know a highly talented sewer? Send us an email to info@beelieve.ca, we have room for you!

Our mission:

Our mission is simple: we want to create the highest quality travel apparel made from eco-friendly material through ethical production. We are passionate about keeping our company in Canada and supporting our economy, we want to show you that it is possible to manufacture products here in Canada and we also want to show you why it sets us apart. Just order your apparel and you will understand.