The communicator had a difficult moment in front of the cameras, after accidentally swallowing a live fly. Despite the awkward episode, the journalist remained professional and continued to talk smoothly with viewers.

The Canadian journalist lived an unusual moment Farah Nassir during a live television broadcast. The professional accidentally swallowed a fly in front of the cameras while presenting a news story.

The incident quickly went viral on social networks, but what attracted the most attention was the professionalism with which the driver of GlobalNews faced with the situation. Acting that was even applauded by some of his colleagues.

The presenter was talking about some flooding in Pakistan when she accidentally shoved the flying insect inside. The video shows the exact moment when the woman made a face, accompanied by the subtle ingestion of the fly.

In an interview with the chain CNNthe communications professional commented on some of her uncomfortable experience. “I felt it flutter in the back of my throat when I was done with that performance”he remembered.

After the funny and unique situation in front of the cameras was over, Farah Nasser shared the video of the episode via Twitter along with a sentence with a sense of humor, “sharing because we all have to laugh these days”.

The audiovisual content started circulating across platforms this week, with a total of 1,600 “likes” (promising to be many more) and generating creative responses from the audience.

Watch the moment the journalist swallowed a fly