Our Style-Not so Traditional

Beelieve is a very unique company in almost every aspect.

We go against nearly all the rules of a traditional business, yet function very well as a business.

Our team is small but extremely talented. Everyone on our team knows exactly what is going on every step of the way. We encourage creative thinking, ways to improve, disagreements, and second opinions.

It all works, but how?

We share a common goal and know that everyone is striving to achieve that goal in the best way possible.

What’s our goal?

To create a high quality company that we all want to be a part of. It may seem too simple but that’s because it is. We all work hard, trust each other, and want to move forward and get better everyday.

Our team sets their own hours each and everyday. We know everyone is different and every day that comes presents a different schedule. So instead of causing a resistant attitude, we adapt.

We still have jam-packed days and long nights of number crunching but we allow for that class you’ve always wanted to take at noon or to be that airport pick up for your relatives coming to visit. Our company is passionate about creating life not just income, we encourage travel, adventure, and even shut down days.

Our passion for life is the driving force behind this company. Each and every day we get to wake up and be a part of something great, something we believe in, and something that helps our environment, economy, and communities. Our passion shines through our products, whether it is a thoroughly thought out design or perfect execution on production we pride ourselves on our unique ways and look forward to building our team and our company.

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