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The other morning I had a lady come up to me and say, "Wow, headbands have been around for so long, who knew you could make them different."

It was a genuine comment but I think she was expressing how simple it all is. The headband + the pocket = revolution?

We know that creating a product so simple isn't revolutionary however the start of Beelieve Lifestyle and Apparel is. We see the world a different way and we are ready to share it with all of you. So as simple as our products are they are packed with so much more.

When we first started designing this line it didn't go well. We had zippers, we had the wrong fabric, and it took us over 2 days to finish four headbands. However, we did see the vision. Once we had the first few done we had to step back and decide what are Beelieve's core values and how are we were going to represent them in our products. Once we established our values our start began to flourish.

Each product is made out of eco-friendly material. We took time to source this and to get it right. Why bamboo? Feel it! It is a very flexible material so our headbands adjust to your movement rather then resist and slide around. Why hemp? Once again, flexible, quality, and beautiful.

Ethically made. This is so important to us. We have traveled all around the world and the more we see the more we know how important it is to take care of one another. Yes we can out source this to a country and pay them peanuts or we can figure it out and create jobs and support our community right here. But western production is too expensive? Yes, it is but it is worth it.

Through the first two values easily came quality. When you are using great material with an amazing team quality naturally arises. We are so proud of every product that leaves our hands.

Durability, our headbands are meant to be worn. Sweat in it, drop it in the mud, swim with it in the ocean, sleep in it, tame your chaotic mane, use it any possible way-and of course wash it!

As much as fashion is fun, its even better when it can serve a greater purpose. It took some time to get it right but our products serve as a greater purpose, for every product sold we give recycled seed paper to our community to plant wild flowers and help support the regrowth of the bee population! Can you make a difference? Yes! Plant flowers, support local bee farms, and share your awareness and education.

Then we cap things off with; unique. A pocket in a headband to keep things stashed away in a secure and stylish way. We have a unique story, a unique product, and a very unique community. This is not a one size fits all company. This is a fits all company in any dam size or style that suits you. 

Our journey has only just begun and I can tell you this company is in for a crazy ride-we are so excited to have you along for it, we need you, the bee's need you, the world needs you <3

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  • Great ideas! So happy to meet you Brandi and see where your company goes.

    Barb Benson

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