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Sporty Bra-ket Review


I absolutely love my Beelieve headbands, Sporty Bra-ket, and tank top! I traveled over 24 hours from Canada to Australia in the Sporty Bra-ket and tank top and was amazed at how comfortable they were and they didn't even stink after the long flight. I live in my Beelieve bras, my skin loves them and again after wearing it  multiple days in a row it's as fresh as the first day I put it on.

Joelle Gaudion-Australia

You can't beat the comfort and style of these products! What's better is that they are sustainable and the bamboo is so soft on the skin! They're perfect for anyone on the go or just spending time at home!

Samantha Havelaar- Canada

I would highly recommend any Beelieve product, I love my Top Naughty headband. The material is of really high quality, I think the secret pocket is super useful, but I mostly love the fact that everything is sustainably sourced and ethically produced! This is very important to me as a consumer and I love supporting small businesses. Great job Beelieve!

Sophie- United Kingdom


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